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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more popular areas that we get a lot of questions about. If you don't see the information you need here feel free to give us a call to dicuss your situation. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. Please keep in mind that we cannot troubleshoot your car over the phone. Just like a doctor we need to see the patient before we can prescribe a remedy.


MECHANICAL PROBLEMS - My car is making weird noises! Help!
Shakes rattles and rolls! From simple squeaks to frightening thumps, bangs and screeches we have the expertise to figure out the problem and provide you with a detailed estimate usually within one day. No worries either because we would NEVER work on your car without chatting with you about it first.


ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS - None of my lights work what could it be?

This is probably our best area of expertise. We excell at troubleshooting even the most difficult electrical problems. We have detailed, color coded wiring diagrams to help us find the problem quickly and effectively. 


ENGINE REPAIRS - There is something leaking under my car...

There are many things that can go wrong with your engine. From gasket failures and fluid leaks to timing belts and water pumps, your engine has hundreds of moving parts all coming together in a multitude of configurations. Our master level training and extensive experience gives us an advantage over the competition. We will track down the problem quickly and have you back on the road as soon as possible.


Factory Maintenance - What do I need to do to my car and when?

Not sure what you should be doing to keep your vehicle running like new? Don't worry, that's what you have us for! We have access to ALL the factory recommended services for your vehicle right at our finger tips. We use state of the art information systems to keep up to date with everything the manufacturer recommends based on mileage, time or both. Peace of mind. Just one of the many benefits of using our services.


BRAKE REPAIRS - My car shakes when I step on my brakes...

Probably one of the most critical areas of service on any vehicle. We pride ourselves in using only top quality brake parts when working on your vehicles brakes. This is something we refuse to compromise on. There are countless sub-par "repair" shops that offer outrageous deals on brakes everyday. Do you ever wonder how they can do that? Why are they so much cheaper? As they say "You get what you pay for!" This applies to your brakes in a HUGE way. Think about it... do you really want to trust your safety and the safety of your family to some $79.00 brake special? If your car shakes, pulls or feels funny when you apply your brakes, then something has gone wrong and needs immediate attention. This could be combined with or without various noises. We higly recommend you call to set up a FREE brake evaluation ASAP.

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